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Marg Foundation Portal Site


All MARG documents are available for browsing and also for downloading. These documents include, as of December 2023, 110 bi-monthly issues of the MARG magazine and over 600 articles published in MARG, in two separate files. All these documents are only a click away after you sign-in to Marg portal. There is no fee or charge for this. However, all first-time users must register and establish a valid (a) user name and (b) password to access these files. 

Please note that all registration information is kept strictly confidential and not shared with any individual or organization, commercial or non-profit. After log-in to the MARG portal you will see the second tab named "Publications" on top and able to access all MARG publications by year and by articles. For more information about "REGISTERING", please contact Dr. Suresh Chander at "".